Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership and Legacy (WELL) Global Programme

Globally Accelerating Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Empowering and Enhancing Exceptional Generations of Young Women…

In today’s virtually-driven VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) world, being a woman is not enough.
But being an exceptional woman liberating and lifting young girls and other women is the biggest portrait. 

Always, remember this, an exceptional woman does not leave other women down but lifts them up.

Now, over to you, how are you contributing to or raising the next generations of exceptional women? To: Freeing them, Finding Goals, Fulfiling Passion, Flaring and Striking opportunities. 

Thereby, building and mobilising what I describe as ‘Women Can Be’…globally relevant and internationally impactful.


The Issue:

Though female-owned enterprises, female founders and women entrepreneurs are growing, the notion of ‘building legacies’ becomes a challenge for females thriving to build their entrepreneurship and leadership legacy as they are still facing multiple barriers.

Upon reflection, I am very keen as a woman who is highly passionate about entrepreneurship and its related activities that it is part of my focus and responsibility to start bringing more women of all ages together into W.E.L.L® GLOBAL to help them build their exceptional legacies while enhancing the prosperity of our economic empowerment globally. 

Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi (E.A.S.E)

Calling all Women:

This reflects my Call to Impact Action which led to the birth of Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership and Legacy – W.E.L.L® two (2) years ago. Consequently, GSEP Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Leadership (GSEP-CEEL) launches open call to all girls and women to come and be part of this global impact movement as well as benefiting from the WELL GLOBAL community and opportunity.

As a women-oriented initiative, W.E.L.L GLOBAL® provides different sets of programmes around a female-first engagement in entrepreneurship and leadership.

Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership and Legacy (W.E.L.L) GLOBAL® mission is –  Accelerating Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystems while building, empowering, and mobilising young girls and women (entrepreneurs and leaders) with career coaching, power skills and resilience tools, enterprise and employability enhancement, outreach engagement, mentorship, networking opportunities, leadership development…

Indeed, with the female lens synergy created by W.E.L.L GLOBAL®, the transformation from ‘Women in Need’ to ‘Women Can Be’ is its unique differentiation.


W.E.L.L GLOBAL®….Mobilising and Modelling Women in Need to Exceptional Women in Business, Education, Innovation, Leadership, STEAM, and Beyond…

So, in honour of the International Women’s Celebration, GSEP Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Leadership (GSEP-CEEL LTD) inaugurates W.E.L.L GLOBAL® as a long-term female-focused programme to championing young girls and women of all ages worldwide!

W.E.L.L GLOBAL® impact-led agenda is geared toward accelerating women entrepreneurship ecosystems while empowering, engaging and encouraging young girls and women to become more exceptional by pursuing entrepreneurial career paths or pursue an amazing career path in entrepreneurship as well as taking up the highest places or holding top leadership positions in the future world of work.


Are you ready to become an exceptional womanpreneur or a top leader?

Join us as we discuss timing issues concerning empowering and enhancing opportunities for girls and women… Please, navigate to the bottom of this page to complete and submit the event registration form.

The aim of CEEL2022 WELL Summit is to help young girls and women explore career opportunities and paths while equipping them with employability credentials, enterprising competencies and options.

The objective of CEEL2022 WELL Summer Summit is to build, empower, and mobilize young women of all ages while contributing to the future of global economic empowerment.

CEEL2022 WELL Summer Summit is virtual via zoom housing high potential female educators, entrepreneurs, founders, funders and professionals from various walks of life sharing their career limelight, life journey experiences and insights. 

The global diversity of expertise for CEEL2022 WELL Summer Summit is to shape and bridge the gap between academia, industry and the global marketplace.

Moreover, the hybrid representation of phenomenal women from different countries and contexts at the Summit enriches an inclusive multidimensional and multilateral engagement.

Plus the multiple phases and multidimensional flavour of the three integrated series for the Summit.

CEEL2022 WELL GLOBAL is planned for Saturday, the 27th of August as a Summer Summit of three Series:

Series 1

Career, Employability, & Enterprise Series 

Series 2

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Series

Series 3

Female Founders and Funders Series 

Please, join us in this 3-part summer summit series to explore strategic conversations around the following modular topics underneath

Keynote Speakers

Going & Growing Higher: Navigating Zones Towards Building Legacies and Going Global – Haifa Al-Kaylani (Opening Keynote Speech)

Communication & Emotional Resilience: Building Sustainable Careers for Girls and Women – Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron (Closing Keynote Speech)

Benefits & Learn About:


1. Equipping Females with Cognitive Credentials, Power Skills and Competencies: STEAM Insights- Tracy Tanner

2. Inclusive Growth and Innovative Solutions: Thriving Towards Equitable and Sustainable Women Entrepreneurship – Diah Yusuf

3. Maximise Your Strategy and Leadership: Enhancing Business Success as Female Introvert Entrepreneurs- Patience Ogunbona

4. Pattern of Success: Becoming and Building Global Women Leadership- Dr. Adama Kalokoh

5. Building a Legacy with Engagement and Networking Opportunities: Influential Entrepreneurial Minds – Dr Jenny Epoyun-William 

6. Challenging Yourself and Creating Something Great: The Leadership Emotional Journey- Madi Sharma

7. Breaking the Barriers in the Business Game for Business Growth: How are you playing and performing? Marie-Claire Isaaman

8. Going and Growing Higher: Breaking the Bias, Navigating and Understanding Your Zones – Dr. Shajara Ul-Durar

9. Career Exploration: Empowering Beyond Opportunities and Options – Itoro Eze-Anaba

10. Emotional Palette & Foundational Opportunities: The Impact of Emotion on Leadership Development and Relevance of Different Colours on Positive Emotions – Anna Pinkerton

11. Becoming More Significant Towards Progressive Paths: Lawyer Insights – Dr. Jennifer Obaseki

12. Foundational and Fundamental Outreach Goals: Elongating in an Evolutionary Virtual Women World – Amal Mowafy

Also, feel free to come along to learn from amazing powerful women entrepreneurs and leaders sharing their best practices, inspiring business models and thoughts about building a legacy while setting examples for girls and other women.


Career Insights and Stories

Peace Kuteesa and Ameena Aliyu Beighton

Leadership Insights

Equipping females with Cognitive Credentials, Power Skills and Competencies for thrilling in Competitive and Sustainable Business Environment – Jadesola Adedeji

The Impact of Emotions on Leadership Development – Tracy Tanner/Anna Pinkerton

Female Founders and Funders Insights

Funding & Sponsoring Female Entrepreneurs and Founders: Expectations, Strategies, and Lessons – Dr. Sue Rossano

Financing and Investing in Women-led Projects: Strategic Expectations -Professor Enkeleda Lulaj

Investment and Funding Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurship – Catherine Gray


Women and Leadership: Practical Implementation of Knowledge -Professor Susan Madsen

The theme with its central focus on Employability, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership are at the heart of the mission and work of the GSEP Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Leadership of which we are very proud to be fulfilling.


Estimated Eight (8) hours time length with 20 minutes per speaker followed by an interactive panel discourse of 15-20 minutes each panel member.

You don’t want to miss this educational and practical opportunity for women entrepreneurship and leadership community members as well as being one of the phenomenal women coming together to address some of the multiple barriers and issues hindering access to opportunities for women at various levels.

It is a free event. No fees apply!

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Women of all ages are welcome!

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See You All in the W.E.L.L GLOBAL 


You don’t want to miss out

We are building an empowered #WellGlobal today for tomorrow’s generations of exceptional women entrepreneurs and leaders

— Dr Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi


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GSEP Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Leadership (GSEP-CEEL LTD) continuously provides a series of educational programmes; regularly organising entrepreneurship seminars, leadership training, career summit and annual conference thereby contributing towards business and leadership community, start-ups economy, entrepreneurship ecosystem and beyond…

GSEP-CEEL through WELL® GLOBAL fosters an enabling entrepreneurial environment for empowering and equipping young girls and women.
Please, join us at CEEL2022 WELL GLOBAL to explore an intensive summit while addressing multiple barriers and issues facing women as well as enhancing a collaborative environment for exceptional generations of young women.


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Let’s continue to connect, contribute and collaborate towards bridging and building a gender-wise ecosystem. Together, We Are WELL Above!