Remote Research Programme


Only 4 days to 2021!

If you were to rewind the time, what change/s would you like to make?

Do you have an abadon or a work in progress research project?

Have you been or Are you considering a research degree (MSc Thesis Research/Ph.D Thesis Research)?

Looking for an additional support with your research study or need help with a side supervision to keep you on track?

Struggling with writing a compelling research proposal or your progression report?

Would you like to be titled “DR.” or become a Ph.D holder?

Would you like to be part of a research network community?


Module 1: Research Management, Leadership, and Personal Development. In this module, you will develop an understanding of what constitute a research degree completion? and how to make the best out of your research/supevisory team expertise including supervisor-supervisee relationships?

Module 2: Writing Practice in Research. This module explores proposal and progress report writings, the differences between traditional and systematic literature review, identifying research gaps and making impactful contributions to knowledge and practice. Also, ethical, referencing, and plagiarism issues are practically discussed.

Module 3: An Introduction to Research Design, Methods, and Analysis. This module start by discussing Philosophy and Paradigm of Research. Methodologically, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research are explored.

Module 4: Data Management, Visualisation, and Dissemination. How might conference presentations and publishing your work help enhance your visibility network? This module provides guidance on co-authoring (Research Collaboration), data representation (NVIVO & SPSS Practical), poster submission, paper presentations among others.

Delivery Methods

Location: 4 Days Virtual Classroom

Hours: Weekly and Weekends only

Capacity: Limited places on a first come first serve basis

Start Date: April 2021 (First Cohort)

Fees: £400

Meet The Research Professors

Professor Hakeem Yusuf



An Author & a Research Methodologist. Her latest books are Global Corporate Entrepreneurship: Perspectives, Practices, Principles, & Policies (Volumes 1 & 2) and Global Business Hybridization: Perspectives, Practices, Principles, & Policies (Volume 3).

Dr. Kayode Ibrahim Adenuga

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