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Live Q&A Webinar Series with Dr. Kafayat, EASE: Entrepreneurship Expert-Author-Strategist-Educator

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Dedicated to the general public, GSEP Hub is your one-stop hub for Q&A as well as depositing any questions or suggesting topic ideas for lecture series. Please, complete the form below to deposit your questions or submit your suggestions. Please, note, your name, company or university, and website are not necessarily required (optional). The question column must be completed (mandatory). All responses are delivered in both audio and video formats via webinar (zoom) series and upload herein including on YouTube Channel via Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi.

Global Self-Education Platform- GSEP is a platform for advancing self-education principles and practices. GSEP discuss a range of topics from business to research, from social and global issues to psychology. GSEP empower people and enhance organisations through education.

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In this GSEP Hub Q&A webinar series, Dr. Kafayat coined an innovative entrepreneurship concept called ‘Commpreneur’. She claims that Commpreneurs are born out of impact-led initiatives that focus on community changes. She describes Commpreneurs as great community changers and high-risk takers.
By exploring the question “How prepared are we for the economic resurrection of post-COVID-19 & beyond?”, she argues that Commpreneurs usually operate within a confined and constrained resource.
Clarifying further, she mentions that if a change is a risk, then Commpreneur is our latest and fit-for-purpose model because these sets of entrepreneurs are used to working within a challenging and complex context.
So, her takeaway message is a call for support toward nurturing Commpreneurs.

Citation: Lamidi, Kafayat K. (2020). Commpreneur: A futuristic archetype. Global Self-Education Platform Lecture Series 40

In this short video clip, while differentiating with examples between two terms, Dr. Lamidi outlines some of the ways by which we can make ourselves known in our various fields/disciplines.

In this GSEP Hub Q&A webinar series, Dr. Kafayat presents a starter question “How fulfilled are you?”
She opens the discussion by setting a context for the problem.
She highlights that finding a self-fulfilling career path is not something we are being taught in schools, colleges, or universities. Consequently, this issue makes life journey much more challenging.
She pinpoints career and life challenges as another serious epidemic that requires urgent solutions.
To help solve some of these issues, she identifies a series of knowledge hub methods.
She concludes the lecture with two important messages.

Citation: Lamidi, Kafayat K. (2020). Pain or Pleasure: Career vs. Life Journey. Global Self-Education Platform Lecture Series 41.
Audio version
In this lecture series, Dr. Kafayat share tips on managing remote sessions.
She starts with an opening question “How can you set up a productive and interactive remote session?
She highlights social loafing and lack of focus as key issues associated with virtual meetings and/or remote sessions.
Summarily, she talks about timing, agenda, video, tools, dress code, and feedback.
Who is responsible for sustaining society?
Discover the practical solutions to business (career), community, cultural, global, and social issues. Also, in this audio, learn the KFC Upbringing Model among others.

How to use ‘Google Meet’ as an option to zoom video conferencing

Here’s is a brief description of how to use ‘Google Meet’ as an option to Zoom Video Conferencing.
In this 34 minutes GSEP Hub Q&A webinar series, Dr. Kafayat addresses a timely and controversial topic based on the increase in the rate of domestic violence incidents amidst COVID-19 lockdown. While she emphasizes community-based interventions, she advocates calls for parental responsibilities and political accountabilities.
Also, in this data-driven discussion, she provides thoughtful insight into domestic violence from cultural and cross-governmental (political) perspectives.
To minimise the high rate of reported incidents and eradicate the long-term impact of domestic violence, she suggests loving each other unconditionally and for seeking the pleasure of the Almighty.
In an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic global lockdown context, we are increasingly overwhelmed by a lot of information. The majority of which are from unreliable sources with inaccurate coverages. So, Dr. Kafayat outlines some guidelines around five platforms associated with a digital information source, safety, and security. She talks about strong and unique passwords and identifies some password generated software.
In addition to what has been discussed in the video, and to prevent your data from being hacked follow these steps: Go to settings on your WhatsApp, click on Account, then click on Two-step verification, Enter you new pin, Input your e-mail address and click save.
In this 40 minutes GSEP Hub Q&A Webinar Series with Dr. Tosin Martin Taiwo (a Medical Doctor & Health Coach), we explored and attempted to respond to the following questions:
(i) How can family ties (relationships) be maintained in the context of the catchphrase ‘social distancing’?
(ii) Social distancing and physical distancing, which concept should we adopt?
(iii) To what extent is social distancing turning into an emotional distancing?
(iv) From health and well-being perspectives, what strategies can help us to sparkle our mental state amid COVID-19 global lockdown?
(v) How can we continue to strive and thrive during and beyond the crisis?
Some of the maintenance strategies highlighted include self-discipline, work-home ethics, positivity, openness, ‘housekeeping’ (self-organisation), gratitude practice (morning devotion), assurances, relational sharing, self-development (learning new skills and brainstorming), networking, contact, and connection among others.
Summarily, we reconstruct the ‘social distancing’ catchphrase to illuminate its impacts while addressing the above thought-provoking questions.
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