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How can students respond to HEIs expectations?
What are the best ways to cope with universities’ challenges?
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How can you select and set up the best business or trading name? In celebration of the United Nations MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) Day, I dedicate this lecture to Global Self-Education Platform Youth Summer Series.
Dr. Kafayat provides insight into getting started, setting up, and moving forward.
Exemplifying with real-life business cases, she explains descriptive names and highlights how to choose a perfect business or trading name.
She emphasizes that if your business name is your brand then make it accessible and memorable.
How prepared are you?
In this GSEP Insight series, Dr. Kafayat talks about the intense connection between marital life and family affairs.
She highlights some key principles and conditions associated with marriage and family.
She acknowledges that the importance of addressing this 2-in-1 lecture is to inform wealth creation strategies through marriage and family deals.
She provides a series of questions for reflection.
How fulfilled are you?
In this GSEP Insight series, Dr. Kafayat opens the discussion by setting a context for the problem.
She highlights that finding a self-fulfilling career path is not something we are being taught in schools, colleges, or universities. Consequently, this issue makes life journey much more challenging.
She pinpoints career and life challenges as another serious epidemic that requires urgent solutions.
To help solve some of these issues, she identifies a series of knowledge hub methods.
She concludes the lecture with two important messages.
Citation: Lamidi, Kafayat K. (2020). Pain or Pleasure: Career vs. Life Journey. Global Self-Education Platform Lecture Series 41.
To what extent does feasibility inform visibility?
In this GSEP Insight series, while differentiating with examples between feasibility and visibility, Dr. Kafayat outlines some of the ways by which we can make ourselves known in our various fields/disciplines/business outlets.
Practical Insights: Feasibility brings Visibility

The online lecture series (feasibility) and email from the LinkedIn Content Team including post sharing (visibility) become practical examples about how to positively utilize social platforms to enhance your visibility. For those aspiring to be recognised in their respectable line of business/profession, start trying and testing your feasible ideas now.

Questions for Your Reflection

Considering an additional or the alternative career path? What can you do and how can you do it differently? What’s your USP (Unique Selling Point)? Have you considered your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis? Who are the right people for you and your business?

One way or the other, we are all specially gifted. Would you like to maximise your entrepreneurial endowment or potential? Then get in touch without hesitating.

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