Chapter 4. The Mentoring Profession

Empower Yourself & Others

Mentoring relationship is a structured guidance system where a more knowledgeable individual helps uplift others to progress in their careers and/or personal lives. The mentors utilise and share his/her experience, knowledge, and skills to help nurture a less experienced person.

Unlike the coaching profession, mentoring professionals are often unpaid. While mentorship usually focuses on the future (e.g. career prospects), coaching focuses on on-going issues and challenges. The outcome of a mentoring relationship is the developmental transformation and improvement of the mentee (the individual being mentored).

The Key Mentoring Skills

Active Listening– For a successful mentoring outcome, the mentor must be an excellent communicator especially having active listening skills.

A people person– As a mentor, you need to have the desire to help and be passionate about understanding the development of others.

Availability & Accessibility– Time and access commitment are crucial abilities of a mentor to be able to offer guidance and support to the mentee.

Empowering– A mentor should be able to encourage and facilitate others to explore options and make trials using different methods.

Empathetic Understanding– A mentor should empathise and be open to multiple views to be able to understand and work with mentees from different backgrounds.

Self-Understanding & Awareness– As a mentor, you should know your own ‘self’ in relation to developmental needs and capabilities.

Pitching Business Plan

Problem: What problem or challenge do you solve/want to solve?

Solution: How do you intend to solve the problem? What is your business model?

Market: What is the size of your addressable/serviceable market?

Team: What is your own or your team’s capabilities?

Ask: Where do you need additional support and help? Mentoring/funding/team building?

Intellectual Property (IP): Do you have protectable IP?

Traction: Do you have customer base or sales?

Citation: Lamidi, Kafayat K. (2020) Chapter 4: The Mentoring Profession. Global Self-Education Platform Series.

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