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Being a WELL: Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership with Legacy

This lecture is dedicated to the celebration of the GSEP international Women’s Day 2021

Generally, and as you may be aware, there are many connotations attached to the term ‘WELL’.
Particularly, WELL as in being strong and healthy (i.e., a good state of health and well-being). Obviously, this conveys the rationale for using ‘being well’ as part of the topic.
Secondly, WELL as in Water Well (i.e., becoming a source of where we fetch from). Judiciously, this justifies the importance of also addressing my topic as ‘Being a well’.

So, either way, is acceptable.
Therefore, both interpretations are relevant to this lecture and have a fit-for-purpose for my WELL concept.
So, in today’s lecture, WELL stands for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership with Legacy.
Therefore, my opening questions for you all are:
i) Do you want to leave a legacy of pain and suffering or empowerment and upliftment?
ii) Be a high flying WELL? Because to fly high you must have the strength; being energetic, fit, and strong
iii) Would you like to become a WELL for others to fetch from?
Whichever you choose to do, the big question is HOW?

In brief, I highlight some examples. For instance, from the leadership role aspect, you may become a: Business Leader, Community Leader, Civil Leader, Religious/Spiritual Leader, Tech Leader, Corporate Leader (such as Women in Business, Women in HE, Women in Health, Women in STEM, Founding Executive Director, CEO extend the list).

From the entrepreneurial role aspect and under the umbrella of what I consider to be Womenpreneur herein refer to as WE (which combines the 1st and 2nd letters of my topic), and which is inclusive of our family life, we have the following:
Serialpreneur (a serial entrepreneur suggests that as a woman we must not limit ourselves. E.g., you can be a businesswoman and a scholar).
Mompreneur (we can combine our motherhood and parenting skills to help educate first-time mothers, new parents et.c.).
Muslimpreneur (we need to start utilising and maximising our religious practices to inform our business actions, decisions, and business ethics). This is to ensure that we are transacting and trading morally and ethically in accordance with the Islamic doctrine.
Youthpreneur (otherwise known as young women entrepreneurs- what are we doing to help them grow). How? We can support them, and their initiatives by being their mentors, coaches, role models.

Therefore, LEGACY within the context of my lecture is our achievements/accomplishments including the IMPACT we are making on people’s lives and the IMPRINT we are leaving in the places we are visiting. My message here is that we need to make ourselves more relevant to humanity and society at large as women leaders and/or as entrepreneurial women. Your legacy can transform someone’s life.

Let us look back to history. Over the past couple of decades, we have been witnessing a series of empowerment initiatives including different sets of programmes around female engagement in leadership and entrepreneurship. For example, and most recently was the GSEPOWER2020 which focuses on empowering future global leaders.
Perhaps, it is a CHOICE. We have the option to choose and create our identity- to become a leader or an entrepreneur or fit into both.

One thing I would like us to bear in mind is that a WELL is a structure build in the ground by digging or drilling until liquid resources i.e., water can be accessed.
Given this description of a WELL, the closing questions are: Are you ready for the WELL challenge? Would you like to be drill or dig like a well?
So, for our self-reflection, think about: (i) how the depth (I am talking about 10-30 feet deep) of a well resonate with you? (ii) number of time that a WELL will supply water to the neighbourhood community. How many people will visit, fetch, and drink from your WELL?

While reflecting on the thought-provoking questions, in today’s lecture, I Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi hereby leave you with my legacy titled “Being a WELL: Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership with Legacy.

My concluding remark is that:
Since we are advocating for education and if half of the education is insufficient, I encourage us to keep learning and keep exploring. Therefore, for further reading, get a copy of the book “GLOBAL CAREER DIVERSITY MANAGEMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP: PATHWAYS & PROFESSIONS from Amazon.

We Transform with Legacy.

Thank You!

GSEP shares with love and empowers with hope.


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From the desk of GSEP, we wish you all a peaceful and goodwill happy holiday period. Kindly have wonderful and safe holidays with your love ones.

We take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous 2021!

Friends of GSEP

Against all the odds, we must not forget to say ‘Thank You All’ for a successful 2020, and given the unknown future amid rough times, we look forward to a more collaborative 2021.

Happy Holidays from the GSEP Family to Yours!


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