GSEP Podcast Episode 9

How does ‘IDEA’ translate to you?

Here’s an audio 🔉version of the keynote speech delivered at FOMWA Congress 2020 in celebration of the International Women’s Day.

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How does ‘accountability, equity, diversity, and inclusion’ translate to you?
In this 20 minutes lecture, Dr. Kafayat focuses on clarifying and understanding how accountability, equity, diversity, and inclusion (IDEA- starting backward and using the first letter) translate to our different roles. She draws an inference from the ‘girl-child’ vs. ‘boy-child’ perspectives and talks about the 5Ps of managing the global coronavirus plague. She argues that inclusion starts with bridging the imbalance gender gap within the family. As much as we are empowering the ‘girl-child’ to be more independent, outspoken, and confidence in her education, boardroom, business as well as in government, we need to equally be accountable for guiding and counselling the ‘boy-child’ from childhood to brotherhood and to manhood to become more responsible, resilience, and reliable. In doing so, this will prevent our boys from forming the gangster committees that could lead to making our communities more vulnerable to dangerous associates. The consequences of neglecting and/or uplifting one gender at the detriment of the other is enormous because in their diverse roles and capabilities, both genders contribute to the sustainable economic development of the society.
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