The Five Ls of Leadership

What Makes A Future-Fit Ethically & Socially Responsible Leader?
Subscribe to YouTube channel of Dr Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi to watch Global Self-education Platform Series 5 entitled “The Five Ls of Leadership: A Multidimensional Empowering Framework”
For research, academic and other educational purposes, cite and reference it appropriately.
Citation: Lamidi, Kafayat K. (2019) The Five Ls of Leadership: A Multidimensional Empowering Framework. Global Self-education Platform Series 5.
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By GlobalSelf-EducationPlatform (GSEP)

Pracademic; Leadership Educator/Serial Entrepreneur; Entrepreneurship Expert/Global Entrepreneurial Leader/Founder: Global Self-education Platform (GSEP).
My interests and expertise include Academic Scholar, Mentor, Educational Counsellor, International Consultant, Strategic Coach, Educational Counsellor & Professional Practitioner.
Impacting Lives! Transforming communities, enhancing organisations, and empowering people. Helping you/your organisation to navigate through challenges and accelerate changes. Please, contact us at or +44 (0) 7432657880

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