How We Can Work With You

We are here to help and not to judge you.

Is it not challenging to be effective in life (business, relationship, career, family et.c)?
If this resonates with you, think about these: (a) What value matters most to you? (b) What is the most important thing for you right now? (c) Where are you going?
Please, join Dr. Kafayat for a walk-it talk-it session. E-mail to book your session.

We help you and your organisation to navigate through challenges and accelerate changes and capabilities. Please, note, our offer is open to all. Any individual or organisation worldwide can benefit from our service. No limitations to religious beliefs and locations. For those who have requested for second sessions, please, be patient, many people are still on the waiting list for the first session. Also, as requested, please, send your number to +44 (0) 7432657880 to join the WhatsApp group. Other requests will be launched soon.

Are we not humans before becoming professionals?
Dear distinguished colleagues, viewers and active listeners, I’m delighted to share with you the opening of ‘Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi Global Self-education Platform’ (GSEP) with Series 1 entitled “How Can You Eliminate Mindset Blockage?” via
GSEP is where topical issues ranging from business to research and psychology are discussed. GSEP brings free education to you on your bed!
Please, continue to send your queries, questions and suggestions to
Please, subscribe, like or follow Dr. Kafayat Kehinde Lamidi for more self-educational series. Enjoy, watch, and share. #mindsetblockage #self-education #MIRvirsualformula

“How Can We Become Global Performing Leaders?“
Join us on Facebook Live via Kaffy Huddersfield on Saturday 7th of December, 2019 @ 4pm GMT. Please, see detail below. #GlobalSelfeducationPlatform#HOP#HighPerformanceLeadership#Pracademic

By GlobalSelf-EducationPlatform (GSEP)

Pracademic; Leadership Educator/Serial Entrepreneur; Entrepreneurship Expert/Global Entrepreneurial Leader/Founder: Global Self-education Platform (GSEP).
My interests and expertise include Academic Scholar, Mentor, Educational Counsellor, International Consultant, Strategic Coach, Educational Counsellor & Professional Practitioner.
Impacting Lives! Transforming communities, enhancing organisations, and empowering people. Helping you/your organisation to navigate through challenges and accelerate changes. Please, contact us at or +44 (0) 7432657880

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